These are typically more involved repairs which in order to be successful require hands that are not only skilled but al

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You shouldn't go into this expecting that you'll be able to successfully fix everything

You shouldn't go into this expecting that you'll be able to successfully fix everything.

  • If the internal structure of the sex doll is damaged (joints, wire joints, or metal panels), these are typically more complex repairs, which are really only for skilled and dexterous hands to complete successfully

  • If the internal structure of the sex sex doll eu is damaged,The most common course of action to take in the event that the sex doll's internal structure is compromised is to purchase a new doll

  • Repairing the metal panels and joints presents the greatest challenge of all the steps in this process; as a result, if you want to successfully complete this step, you should seek the assistance of an experienced professional who is trained in this area



 This step presents the greatest challenge, particularly in the event that the sex doll's internal structure has been compromised. In any event, certain joints are formed by wire tubes, which, because they are present, allow us to bend a particular limb thanks to their presence in the joint. In other words, certain joints allow us to bend particular limbs because of their presence. To put it another way, the presence of certain joints gives us the ability to bend particular limbs because of their location. The vast majority of the time, we discover them in the region of the fingers and wrists, which enables us to repair them and restore the mobility of the sex doll's limbs.

It is essential to keep in mind that the doll's wrists and fingers are the most delicate parts of the metal skeleton that supports the body of the doll. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when working with a doll. It is important that the attention of the reader be brought to this specific fact. It is not difficult to break the fingers, and if this occurs, the wire tubes may also break, which will prevent the sex dolls europe from moving; alternatively, a portion of the wire may protrude from the finger. Breaking the fingers and the wire tubes will prevent the sex doll eu from moving. It's possible that if you break the doll's fingers and the wire tubes, it won't be able to move anymore. This is an inconvenient circumstance; however, if you are handy, you can make the necessary repairs to make the situation more bearable. This will make the circumstance more convenient. This will make the situation easier to deal with in the long run. In order to carry it out, what strategy will be utilized?


Later on in this discussion, the procedure will be broken down step by step with specific reference to the hand. In certain circumstances, however, the technique can also be used to treat the region that is located close to the joint in the wrist. During the subsequent conversation, we are going to delve even further into the specifics of this subject. The response of the bundle of wire tubes varies depending on the precise location at which it is situated. Because the individual wire tubes, which are what provides the hands with their flexibility and which we want to replace if they become damaged, are connected by this component, we want to replace it if it becomes damaged. This is because the individual wire tubes are what gives the hands their flexibility. The presence of the resin can be seen as having some kind of bearing on the relationship between these two things.




We will need to get the sex sex dolls europe and all of the other necessary equipment ready (here is a link to the photographic documentation), and we will also need to put the sex sex doll eu and all of the other necessary equipment in a safe place before we begin the procedure (here is a link to the photographic documentation). In order to get started, we are going to need to use the surgical knife to cut through the layer of silicone so that we can gain access to the area with the drill. As a consequence of this, we will be permitted to go into the restricted area. After that, we can use the drill to make a hole in the resin that is housing the collection of wire tubes in a casing (or, as an alternative, we can make the hole with the assistance of curved scissors).


 After that, we either cut the connections between the individual wire tubes in order to separate them from one another so that they are no longer connected, or we use a severing tool in order to separate them from one another so that they are no longer connected. This is a very precise task, and we need to be careful when using the drill so that we don't damage either the case or the silicone by itself. The task itself is very precise. The actual task requires a high degree of accuracy.

After we have finished disassembling the tubes component by component, the next step is to unbundle them from the grouping they were originally a part of. After we have finished removing them from the fingers, we will move on to removing them from the case. Once that step is finished, we can move on to the next step. In addition to this, we give the entire case a careful cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, removing any crumbs or resin shards that may still be present after the initial cleaning. This is done so that the case is completely spotless.

At this point, the container ought to be completely free of any and all contents, and sex dolls europe ought to be prepared for the addition of new wire tubes that have never been utilized before.

After you have completed this process, you will be required to change out all of the outdated wire tubes in the case with brand new ones. If you are able to, you should do this with the assistance of resin glue. Carry out the aforementioned activity as rapidly as you possibly can. However, before we start the process of gluing, we need to double check that the tubes are positioned correctly within each of the fingers. This must be done before we begin the process of gluing. This includes making sure that they do not extend beyond the silicone by an unreasonable amount, that their length does not exceed what would be considered reasonable, and that the finger does not pierce through the silicone.


 On the other hand, they could be too short, making it impossible for the finger to get a grip on them. This would render them useless. Because of this, they would be completely useless. Before the wires or tubes can be inserted into the fingers, which we do by applying a small amount of glue, we need to make sure that they are first covered with a very thin layer of carpet. This is necessary so that we can then insert the wires or tubes into the fingers. This step is essential in order for us to later insert the wires or tubes into the fingers of the patient. Following this step, the patient's fingers will be prepared for the insertion of the wires or tubes that will come later in the procedure. Because of this, the wires that were surgically implanted in the silicone finger will continue to stay in the safe position in which they are currently situated. This will not cause the wires to move from their current location.

After the wire tubes have been successfully and entirely replaced, the crack in the palm or the wrist must be sealed. This can only be done after the procedure has been completed. This is something that can only be done once the procedure has been finished in its entirety. Solder, glue, or TPE solvent are three options for completing this task. Your decision should be based on which one works best for you, so consider all three before making a final decision. The procedure is identical to the one that is used to repair the skin on the patient's body and is therefore indistinguishable from it. 


It is sufficient to apply a thin layer of TPE glue to the walls of the crack, press the two pieces together, and then wait for the glue to take effect, which should take about 30 seconds. This procedure should not take more than five minutes. This process can be finished in significantly less time than one minute. If it is a larger crack, we advise you to follow the instructions that we have provided for more severe skin damage, which you can find here. These instructions can be found on this page. These instructions are located on the page that you're currently viewing. These directions can be found on the page that you are currently looking at on your computer.(on this page, you will find a link to another one of our articles that discusses how to treat more serious skin damage and scratches; the article in question is titled How to Treat More Serious Skin Damage and Scratches.)